What Is The OPC of Toner Cartridge?
Mar 11, 2019

     OPC the heart of a toner cartridge. OPC standards for Organic Photo Conductor Drum.  The OPC drum is a long piece of metal with a cylinder shape and a delicate outer coat, typically green, blue or red.  These drums can be found in many laser printers.

OPC drums help electrical conduction, meaning they serve as a receiver of the negative charge needed to transfer the toner to the paper.  In laser printing, different electrical charges are given to different components to attract them to each other, such as the toner and the drum.  The drum has an aluminum substrate that allows it to hold these charges, temporarily attracting the toner powder to it before transferring it to the page. Each drum has three coating layers that serve different purposes and are all made from environmentally-friendly, biodegradable materials.

So, it is very important to know that OPC drums are very easy to damage. Do not touch it with your fingers or expose it to bright lights.

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