What Is Heat-sensitive Paper?
Jan 04, 2018

Thermal paper is a special kind of coated paper, its appearance is similar to ordinary white paper. Thermal paper surface smooth, is from ordinary paper as a paper base, coated with a layer of thermal hair color layer, are coated on the surface of ordinary paper side, hair color layer is composed of adhesives, coloring agents, colorless dyes (or hidden dyes), not separated by microcapsules, chemical reactions in the  "lurking " state.

When the heat-sensitive paper encounters a hot printhead, the color rendering agent printed on the printhead and the colorless dye is a chemical reaction and discoloration, forming graphics and text. Thermal coatings begin to discolor when heat-sensitive paper is placed in environments above 70 ℃. The reason for its discoloration should also be talked about from its composition. There are two main types of thermal components in thermal paper coatings: Colorless dyes or hidden dyes, and the other is color rendering agents.

This type of heat-sensitive paper is also known as a two-component chemical thermal recording paper. Commonly used as colorless dyes are: the three benzene methane benzene phthalocyanine system of Crystalline CVL (c), alkane system, colorless benzoyl methyl blue (BLMB) or screw-murmur system and other substances.

Commonly used as color rendering agent is mainly: P-hydroxybenzoate and its esters (PHBB, PHB), salicylic acid, 2,4-two parabens or aromatic sulfoxide and other substances. Thermal paper after heat colorless dyes and coloring agent chemical reaction to produce color, so the use of thermal paper on the fax machine to receive signal printing or direct printing with a thermal printer, graphics and text is displayed. Because there are many kinds of varieties used as colorless dyes, so the appearance of the handwriting color is different, there are blue, purple red, black and so on.

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