Types Of Toner Cartridge
May 25, 2017

One print cartridge Light Guide Drum (photosensitive drum), drum (development roller) and toner cartridge as one of the toner cartridges. This print cartridge in principle does not allow the user to add toner in the design structure, but with the update of the technology, such toner cartridges can also add toner. Integrated toner cartridge is mainly designed to be toner cassette and photosensitive drum on the same device, when the toner is exhausted or the photosensitive drum is damaged when the entire print cartridge will have to be scrapped. This unique design increases the cost of printing users, and the harm to environmental pollution is very great, but to the manufacturers have brought huge profits. Separated toner cartridges and photosensitive drums are placed on different devices, while the general life of the photosensitive drum is very long, generally can print to reach 20,000 of the life.

Just change into the consumed toner on the line, so that the user's printing cost is greatly reduced.

Two-Body toner cartridges Refers to the print cartridge for two separate parts: one for the photosensitive drum and the other for the drum and toner cartridges.

After the user has finished using toner, only need to replace the drum and toner cartridge, instead of replacing the photosensitive drum.

Tri-Body Toner Cartridge Refers to the print cartridge for three separate parts: photosensitive drum, drum, toner cartridge. After the user has finished using toner, simply replace the toner cartridge. Some manufacturers call it drum powder separation technology.

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