Powder Filling Steps
Dec 05, 2018

1. Preparation work

Prepare the laser printer special toner for the printer model and bring the laser printer cartridge with powder, including: screwdriver, slant clamp (tip clamp), cotton, brush, leather tiger (or hairdryer), etc.

2. Remove the print cartridge

First remove the print cartridge from the laser printer, locate the fixing screws on the printer cartridge cover, remove the screws that secure the cartridge cover with a screwdriver, and put the screws away. Use the  "one " screwdriver to gently pry open the clasp on the print cartridge cover and then open the print cartridge cover.

When you open the print cartridge cover, there will be waste toner spilled in the print cartridge cartridge, in order to prevent pollution, we should put a newspaper on the table in advance, pay attention to the toner cartridge powder process to maintain the cleaning of the working environment.

3. Clean up the remaining toner in the print cartridge

Many printer toner cartridges with powder replacement actually did not fully use the toner in the laser printer selenium, in the waste powder box or toner cartridge will often leave some toner, if not cleaned up, we add toner and raw toner may be due to incompatibility to form a block solid, So we must first clean up the toner in the original Toner cartridge before adding toner. When cleaning, first pour the toner in the waste powder cartridge and toner cartridge, then gently remove the toner remaining at the edge of the toner cartridge with a brush. Where the brush can't be cleaned up, we can clean up the scrap toner with a leather tiger or hairdryer. After cleaning up the toner in the toner cartridge, we will also use a brush to clean the toner around the toner cartridge. After cleaning up the toner cartridge and waste powder box in the waste toner, the following we also need to clean the charging roller, magnetic roller on the waste toner, the following we take the cleaning of the charging roller as an example, introduce the cleaning method. When cleaning the charging roller, first find the fixing screws of the charging roller (usually on both sides of the charging roller) and unscrew the screws with a screwdriver. Remove the charging roller from the print cartridge with a small heart.

General charging rollers are equipped with plastic gears at both ends, before wiping we have to remove the gears at both ends of the charging roller.

4, add new toner to the toner cartridge, can achieve easy to add powder technology. With the above cleanup, then add the new toner to the cartridge cartridge, add the toner cap purchased when adding, rip off the sealing paper at the mouth of the bottle, and slowly pour the toner into the toner cartridge of the toner cartridge until it is full. When pouring toner into a toner cartridge to avoid sprinkling toner outside, we can use paper pads at the mouth of the toner cartridge to make it easy to add powder to the toner cartridge. After the toner is added, cover the toner cartridge and the waste powder cartridge to tighten the screws. Then wipe the toner around the print cartridge with a clean brush or soft cloth. Before putting the print cartridge into the printer, we shake the print cartridge left and right with our hands so that the toner in the print cartridge is evenly distributed so that it can print normally later.

For continuous toner cartridges, they have a unique toner bottle mouth structure, add powder will not have toner drifting out, waste powder is automatically recycled and reused, reducing the health hazards to the environment pollution.

5, add powder after the toner cartridge installed in the laser machine, the print cartridge powder after the printing effect test.

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