How To Store Toner Cartridge Open Sealed Packaging
Sep 05, 2017

1. The print cartridge removed from the package must be exhausted within six months. After six months, the performance of the various components of the print cartridge becomes unstable, and the print quality decreases, depending on the environment at the time.

2. Avoid direct sunlight from the print cartridge or place it by the window. During the hot season, do not place the print cartridge in the car for long periods of time (even unopened print cartridges).

3. Avoid environments with dramatic changes in temperature and humidity, such as next to air conditioning or heating.

4. Avoid dust environment or proximity to corrosive chemicals, such as ammonia or organic solvent vapour.

5. It is prohibited to expose the print cartridge to an environment above 104f°(40 ℃).

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