Mar 12, 2019

In India in mid-February, Epson launched three new black-and-white EcoTank printers for office applications, bringing the Indian market to 26 Epson models. New models M1100, M1120 and M2140 for office printing market,the prices are 112099, 12999 and 19899 Indian rupees, respectively. It may attract past black and white laser printer users to switch to inkjet models.


Compared with black-and-white laser printers, the new model is specifically designed to reduce the cost of commercial printing. The cost of printing a new Epson EcoTank M series printer is extremely low, at only 12 Indian paise; By comparison, the cost of laser printing of the original consumables was 2.74 Indian rupees per sheet of paper. Epson’s new printer costs are 23 times lower than the monochrome laser printer.

Significant cost savings can be achieved over the lifetime of the printer. Epson says its monochrome EcoTank printer is also designed with an environmental focus, keeping in mind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The refillable ink bottle provides a maximum of 6000 pages per bottle, while the laser printer uses only 2000 pages of the same product.


This could help businesses significantly reduce carbon emissions. There will also be significant cost and environmental savings - Epson monochrome EcoTank printers consume only 14W of power, compared with 250W for monochrome laser printers. This means power consumption has been reduced more than 17 times.


The new printer integrates the ink cabinet to achieve zero error and zero spillage of ink, and allows users to enjoy the quality of anti-fouling and waterproof laser printing with pigment black ink. The printer is compact and can fit seamlessly into a small office space. The new printer, designed to improve workplace efficiency, is equipped with WiFi Direct, fast printing and duplex printing, among many other functions.

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