A Brief Introduction To Ribbon Cartridge
Aug 17, 2018

Ribbon is one of our more familiar printing supplies. From the earliest mechanical impact-type English printers to later computer needle printers, the ribbon is used.

The ribbon works by using a dot-matrix pin in the head of the needle printer or a letter bump in an English typing machine to hit the print ribbon and produce a printing effect on the printed paper. Looking at the domestic market, inkjet, laser printers Although there are many advantages of needle-type printers, but the price is always higher than the needle hit, it is impossible to fully replace the popularity. Multiple layers of printing are still required on many applications.

With the color belt industry more and more high quality, China's ribbon industry is still exuberant vitality! "2013-2018 China Ribbon Industry market monitoring and investment strategy Research Report" a total of 10 chapters. Subsequently, the report made a key business analysis of the Chinese ribbon industry, and finally analyzed the development prospects and investment forecast of the Chinese ribbon industry. This report is an essential tool for you if you want to have a systematic understanding of the ribbon industry or want to invest in the ribbon industry.

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