Thermal Transfer Printable Labels

Thermal Transfer Printable Labels

Our Thermal Transfer Printable Label is uniform in thickness, small in stretchability, high in strength and good in water resistance....

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Our Thermal Transfer Printable Label is uniform in thickness, small in stretchability, high in strength and good in water resistance. It can be applied to most substrates including cardboard, plastic film and HDPE. This copper paper is widely used in promotional and industrial semi-high gloss color label printing, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, anti-counterfeiting labels and so on.

The surface of coppered paper is polished and the surface is smooth and shiny. The printed text pattern is clear and does not fade. Its glue is suitable for all seasons. And it can be attached to the surface of any object.

Basic Information

Product Name: Thermal Transfer Printable Labels

Thickness: about 80g.

Color: white

Operating temperature range: -50 degrees to +90 degrees

Application: It is widely used in the place where the amount of coated paper labels is large, such as supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines, etc. 


The size, color and size of the label paper can be customized according to your actual needs;

This double-layer coated paper has a water and oil repellent effect which is still sticky after being wetted with water;

The printed handwriting is clear and does not fade, which can be retained for a long time;

It adopts the CNC die-cutting process for cutting, the edge is smooth and the coating is uniform;

The material is safe and has no odor, so it will not cause harm to the human body.

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