Why can't the toner of the copier be universal?
Nov 23, 2016

Toner (TONER) is used for electrostatic copiers and laser printers and other electrical photography development process of the main supplies. It is composed of resin, pigment, additive and other components.

Its processing and preparation involves ultra-fine processing, chemical industry, composite materials and other single-section content, is recognized in the world's high-tech products. Since the advent of electrostatic copying technology, with the rapid development of information technology and office automation, laser printers, electrostatic copiers a large number of use, requiring photocopying products have a higher resolution, more appropriate development density.

The need for toner has good particle shape, finer particle size, narrow particle size distribution, and suitable friction charged properties. Wet development has been eliminated due to the preservation of consumables, dry development has been widely used, and its development system is divided into single-group and double-group development. Dual-group development has high resolution and environmental resistance, and is widely used in engineering photocopying, color copying and high-speed copying. Single-part development has developed rapidly in recent years, and major companies have adopted this technology to launch a range of products, such as digital copiers, laser printers and multifunctional composite machines. Color copiers with the reduction of costs, is gradually accepted by customers. Toner has a certain versatility, to mass production, improve the quality of toner, reduce the cost of toner manufacturing provides conditions. Competition for different needs, toner production to refinement, color, high-speed direction of development.

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