What is ink?
Dec 06, 2017

In addition to the base, ink is also an important factor in the color belt good or bad. Good ink particles are very small, will not cause clogging pinhole, fluidity is very good, ph value is very uniform, ink coating is strong, moisturizing good, durable play and printing when the color transition is slow. Good ink organic non-toxic will not corrode, no odor, dyeing belt after not sticky, easy to dry. Bad ink particles large, sticky sticky hand, dyeing belt after drying, the production of the tape between the strong adhesion, printing easy to plug the pinhole, so that the needle can not be flexible stretch, so will interrupt the needle. Its Judgment method is, the use of high-quality ink ribbon with the hand to touch, the finger will not leave a very obvious ink traces.

There is no significant difference between the front and back printing effects. and inferior ink, if the hand to touch when the feeling is greasy, fingers full of ink traces, seemingly ink is sufficient, but in the printing will appear color weight phenomenon, that is, touch the paper with the hand will blur a piece. Poor quality ink will not only cause poor printing effect, but also along the printing needle guide hole into the printhead needle seam and curing, clogging the printing needle, resulting in the printer can not print properly, serious may also cause the printhead out of the needle resistance to increase and break the print needle, print needle parallel groove is crushed, The printhead driver chip or ribbon motor is burned and other serious faults.

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