Scope of application of Cleaning solution
Oct 09, 2018

Application places Bank, supermarket, tax Bureau card machine, post Office magnetic card telephone Machine, expressway magnetic card machine and other banking, tax, industrial and commercial, highway and other units business card-making units, bank units color card machine.

Currency Counter Flex Spring Cleaning Cards (B205110(001)

Adapt to model Dibourg, IBM, NCR, Omron, Nan Tian, Fujitsu, radio and Television Express and other ATM teller machines can be adapted, ordinary card machine, Passbook card machine, supermarket POS terminal Bank Passbook printer, Passbook reading and writing machine and other color card printer, ATM teller machine has magnetic stripe single-sided cleaning card, magnetic card machine, ATM Teller machine Double-sided cleaning card, Passbook printer double-sided cleaning card, color card machine single-sided cleaning card.

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