How to change the powder box of copier
Apr 06, 2017

1, first to add powder to the powder box (if the added toner and the original toner is different, or not sure if the same, it is recommended to first remove all the remaining powder in the powder box);

2. Install the powder cartridge and toner cartridge;

3, close the front cover, waiting for the machine into hibernation (7055 default no operation into hibernation waiting time is 3 minutes;

4, open the front cover;

5, quickly and continuously press the following key "clear key-start key-up ARROW" (no tube press in the process of the screen display what content);

6, after pressing three keys, the top left corner of the screen will display "01";

7, through the up and down arrows to adjust the number to 11, press OK, appear "Accept" Press OK, close the front cover, complete.

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