Compatible for Sharp Copier Cartridges

Compatible for Sharp Copier Cartridges

This Compatible for Sharp Copier Cartridge provides premium toner, ensures clear printing and is widely used in different types of Sharp printers....

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The components of this toner cartridge are rigorously tested. Therefore, it has strong wear resistance and weather resistance. It can guarantee the normal and stable application of the printer in any environment. The compatible toner for Sharp has good fixing performance and can form high-definition images on paper. It guarantees print quality while minimizing the amount of powder used. Therefore, it can perfectly replace the original product and get a large number of sheets.

This Compatible for Sharp Copier Cartridge provides premium toner, ensures clear printing and is widely used in different types of Sharp printers. We offer cartridges in different sizes to be compatible with all brands of printers to meet customer needs. In addition, our customers can purchase such cartridges from us at a reasonable price. If you have any interests, please let us know.

Product Information

Product Name:Compatible for Sharp Copier Cartridges

Model Number:



New Toner Cartridge

Use For :

SHARP 163N/1818/2618/2718/2818/2616/1820

Paper Yield:

19000 Pages @ 5% coverage


18 months under regular shipping and stock condition


< 0.5%


ISO9001, CE, ISO14001, STMC

Payment Terms:

T/T, Western union, L/C, Trade Assurance etc.

Trade Terms:

EXW,FOB , CIF, etc….


5 Pcs


When using different brands of toner or using inferior toner, it is not only harmful to the human body and the environment, but also damages the printer and affects the life of the printer.


This product is a brand new compatible toner cartridge with good sealing performance, which will not cause the toner to be exposed to the air and not adversely affect the environment and human body;

It has been repeatedly tested by technicians to ensure that the print quality is close to the original standard;

We are able to offer you the best price, and the minimum order quantity is 5 pieces.

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